Forest County Tourism Commission

Tourism Promotion Grants

The Forest County Tourism Commission (FCTC) has established a program to encourage and promote the expansion of tourism in Forest County, which is funded by room tax revenue.

The FCTC will consider funding requests which clearly show benefits to Forest County in the following categories: Economic Development, Tourism, Destination Development, and Special Community Events or Projects which enhance the quality of life.

All room tax funding recipients must comply with all federal, state and local regulations regarding nondiscrimination and operate within the affirmative action policy. Advertising funds must be spent on attracting and creating overnight stays, i.e., “heads in beds”. Overnight stays general infers that advertising be done outside of Forest County, reaching visitors traveling more than 60 to 75 miles.

The FCTC established this program to encourage and promote the expansion of tourism in Forest County. Area groups and organizations that hold events within the municipalities which have room tax in place are eligible to apply. This includes:

  • City of Crandon
  • Town of Hiles
  • Town of Laona
  • Town of Lincoln
  • Town of Nashville
  • Town of Wabeno

Applications are reviewed as needed at the Tourism Commission meetings.

Eligible events must have regional appeal and attract visitors from outside the local area, with the goal of creating revenue through overnight stays. Advertising must be targeted outside of Forest County.

Applicants are required to disclose their advertising plan, budget and source of funding to be considered.

The Forest County Tourism Commission will only consider applications that are fully completed, and reserves the right to modify or deny requests.

Events selected will be notified of the award, and will be required to complete a short follow-up form and provide supporting information following the event. Reimbursement will be issued promptly following receipt of these items.

Tourism Commission Members

The Forest County Tourism Commission usually meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 3:30 pm at the Forest County Chamber of Commerce.

Commission Members, including officers, are volunteers and receive no compensation for their service.

Questions and comments may be directed to Chris Shafer, Executive Director of the Forest County Chamber and FCEDP, or Mary Belland, Associate Director.

Curt Haga

Town of Nashville

Lynne Black

Town of Lincoln

Bucky Daily

Final Touch Construction

Mark Ferris

Little Pine Motel

Tina Kulaf

Vice Chair
Crandon International Off-Road Raceway

Brian Schultz

City of Crandon

Chris Shafer

Executive Director
Forest County Chamber & FCEDP

Mary Belland

Associate Director
Forest County Chamber & FCEDP

Tourism Commission Meeting Minutes

The Forest County Tourism Commission meeting agendas and minutes are "drafts" until approved by the Commission.